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[ haircut ]
i have a lost love story of my own.
[ he is in their cabin looking into a mirror & trying to figure out how to style his hair so it doesn't look so . . . long. it's grown a lot since his stay in camp, enough that it gets in his eyes every couple of seconds & brushes along the back of his neck. but he's already promised Ryuunosuke not to cut it himself. so he gives a futile tug to his hair & sighs ]

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[just don't tell her that she starts doing it again as soon as she returns to haircutting]

[ nope. he is not going to tell her because he wants to see it & thinks it is cute ]

[oh good this haircut can continue in adorable harmony then]

[aaaaand suddenly you can see again!]


Ah. [ he looks in the mirror & reaches up to touch his now shorter hair ] Thank you, Mako. I like the way it looks.

I'm glad.

[ruffles your hair to get the last clipped bits out of it and then takes off the towel to collect your hair]

You have done a far better job than I would have done.

It's much easier to cut someone else's hair than your own.

I like it like this. It does not get in the way anymore.

I'm glad.

[fuss fuss clean up]

Ah, what were you doing before you came here?

I was just dropping in to say hello.

I see. It is too bad Ryuunosuke is not here.

Mm. Maybe he will return soon.

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