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Shinkenger! Going forth!

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[ continuation from here ]

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[hums a long and pleased sound, tilting his head into your palm]

[ the kiss is v. gentle as he pushes you back, trying to get you on their bed ]

[walking backwards for as long as you're pushing]

[ oh, look. you are being pushed onto the bed ]

[fffffflop! nobody would believe you if you told them how wonderfully boneless I can be]

[ he is crawling up onto you & leaning down to kiss you ]

[reaches up into your hair but does nothing otherwise to move up off the mattress, sighing into the kiss]

[ just going to nuzzle you ]

[chuckles and pets your hair]

[ he kind of just curls up on you ] Are you excited?


For Christmas?

We have everyone here with us.

Mm. It's nice that all of the Shinkengers are together.

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