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[ continuation from here ]

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Ah. [ he is leaning in & giving you a reassuring kiss ]

[nibbles on your bottom lip, thankful for the distraction]

[ he is sighing into the kiss as he curls up against you, wanting to be close to you ]

[murmurs against your mouth]

I love you.

I know. [ he murmurs this back against your mouth, his lips soft against yours as he keeps kissing you gently ]


[strokes your hair back, lingering in the kiss for a moment]

I like this.

Not that. Although I like kissing you too.

No, Takeru has become more ... understanding? Comforting.

No. I just did not realize it. Somehow, it became natural to be with you.

[kisses your nose]

Don't make a face like it's a bad thing.

[ oh god. sudden shyness ]

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