The Samurai sentai authorized by providence

Shinkenger! Going forth!

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FOR harisentai: a kimono & fan

FOR pinkufortono: a ring & an apron

FOR wetfortono: A journal & a bracelet

FOR moefortono: a headband.

FOR woodfortono: an album full of pictures of what the shinkengers have done in camp

FOR justplaingolden: ankle footie socks & a book.

FOR blue_on_deck: a book on kata

FOR rideseveryone: a new card holder. it is pink

FOR halfnhalfranger: a set of training robes, in gray-ish silver

FOR hakases: bento lunchbox

FOR screwfate: a book. The art of War by Sun Tzu.

FOR nocturnemission: a set of haircare products from France

FOR singmepink: pink skates so he can help you practice more

FOR 00_07: a charm bracelet

FOR tracknbythenose: a set of dog toys

FOR archaelologist: a pair of fancy leather gloves

FOR soviet_catboy: earmuffs

FOR easybreezyidiot: a pair of new running sneakers

FOR takeme2urpants: a sword that has an adjusted grip for his tentacles

FOR regretnooothing: a stylish hat --- even though it's for women, but STILL

FOR mothers_sun & butagod: a bunch of beef jerky treats

FOR fallsforyou : earrings


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...Takeru is now Demyx's favorite person.

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