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[ haircut ]
i have a lost love story of my own.
[ he is in their cabin looking into a mirror & trying to figure out how to style his hair so it doesn't look so . . . long. it's grown a lot since his stay in camp, enough that it gets in his eyes every couple of seconds & brushes along the back of his neck. but he's already promised Ryuunosuke not to cut it himself. so he gives a futile tug to his hair & sighs ]

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Your hair has gotten long.

It has. It keeps getting in the way.

We can fix that, you know.

I already promised Ryuunosuke that I would not try to cut it myself.

Oh, no, that wouldn't go well. But I could cut it for you.

Alright. What do you need?

Scissors, a comb, some water to wet your hair, something to wrap around you, and something to catch the hair on the floor.

Wait here. [ he is going off to the bathroom to get those things. it takes a couple of minutes but he comes back with all of it, including a bowl of water ] Here.

[so prepared~ spends a few minutes fussing, putting something on the floor and then sitting the chair over it, before indicating he should sit and then wrapping a towel around his shoulders, firmly against his neck]

[ okay, he is going to sit down in front of you & let you do your thing ]

[wets her hands and then runs her fingers through his hair, repeating till it's wet]

[ oh. that feels nice. his eyes are kind of half lidding now at that ]

[once his hair is wet, combs it out and starts carefully trimming up the back, super taking her time because this is not something she usually does]

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