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[ haircut ]
i have a lost love story of my own.
[ he is in their cabin looking into a mirror & trying to figure out how to style his hair so it doesn't look so . . . long. it's grown a lot since his stay in camp, enough that it gets in his eyes every couple of seconds & brushes along the back of his neck. but he's already promised Ryuunosuke not to cut it himself. so he gives a futile tug to his hair & sighs ]

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[ he sits there, trying to keep still because he trusts you & trusts that you can do this ]

[it is not going badly! she is just being extra careful because god knows ryuunosuke will notice]

[ he doesn't mind. he even feels relieved because now it won't get in his eyes anymore ]

[yes, once she gets there. first she has to cut the bits around around your ears]

[ he is actually kind of enjoying this. because. it's you & it's so homey & stuff ]

[so domestic~ and also possibly hilarious by the time she gets around to the front of your hair, because doing the sticky-out tongue thing totally helps with this process, amirite? THE MOST INTENSE CONCENTRATION]

[ he is peering up at you & a small smile spreads across his lips when he sees you with your tongue doing that sticky-out thing ]

[is trying really hard just to concentrate on your hair and not on looking much at you, so it takes her a moment to see that, and then another moment to realize what she's doing. then she blushes and has to pull the scissors away to laugh at herself a little]

[ he laughs a bit too ] It was cute.

It's a little embarrassing.

[buuut composes herself]

Almost done, though.

I liked it.

[ but he is turning his head forward so you can keep working on his hair ]

[just don't tell her that she starts doing it again as soon as she returns to haircutting]

[ nope. he is not going to tell her because he wants to see it & thinks it is cute ]

[oh good this haircut can continue in adorable harmony then]

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